Spirochaetes and its relation with Migraine.
With the new treatment that we practice we have a cure of 90% of our migraine patients in 4 to 6 months.
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What is Migraine?

Migraine is a chronic disease characterized by moderate to severe headaches. Being of variable intensity, light, moderate or very intense or exasperating. Migraines are a type of headache that seem to be caused partly by changes of the chemical substance that the brain produces called serotonin.

How long do migraines last?

A patient can live with migraines all his/her life. In some cases, a patient has only had it for a couple of months, so first, other causes such as brain tumors have to be ruled out from the start. The more years he/she has the migraine, less possibilities will have of having a tumor or cisticercosis.

Types of migraines Classic migraines begin with an aura, which is a warning sign that patients experience right before getting the migraine. Aura frequently associates with changes in the way as you he/she can see gleams of lights and colors, you temporarily can lose part of its vision just as its outlying vision.

You can also have a strange sensation of jab or ardor, or to have muscular weakness in a side of their body. He/she can have difficulty to communicate. You can also feel depressed, irritable or upset.

The hard aura between 15 and 30 minutes. The auras can happen before or after their headache and the pain and the aura sometimes happen at the same time or the pain never happens. The headache of the classic migraines can happen to a side of the head or both sides.

The common migraines don't begin with an aura; the common migraines can begin more slowly than the classic migraines, to last more and to interfere more with the daily activities. The pain of the common migraines can only be to a side of the head.


Pain on one side of your head

Pain that has a pulsating, throbbing quality

Sensitivity to light, sounds and sometimes smells

Nausea and vomiting

Blurred vision


Lightheadedness, sometimes followed by fainting

Can migraine be cured?​

All the doctors that you have visited tell you that the migraine is not curable and only pain medication is prescribed. Migraine has been for many years difficult to control and patients suffer from intense pain for years, and their quality of life decreases. Here, at Hospital Mexico, we cure your migraine with little to no recurrence.

Hospital Mexico Treatment

We do not use any medication to prevent migraines, here we CURE THE Migraine definitively. We don't administer tranquilizers, pain relievers or antidepressants. Our 4 to 6 month treatment shows improvement in our patients within the first week of treatment.

We have to remember that migraine is one of many symptoms, patients in about 70 percent of the cases also present with arthritis, vertebral hernias, depression, insomnia, etc., As the migraine is treated, the other symptoms will disappear as well.

Carla, has suffered 6 years with migraine.

Rene, 4 years with rheumatoid arthritis.

Florina, 3 years with Lupus.

Irene, diagnosed by fibromyalgia.

About Us

More than 20 years of experience curing patients


Dr. Manuel R. Lazo

Medical Director

Hi, I am Dr. Manuel Lazo, Hospital Mexico’ s medical director. We have been treating patients for over 20 years, and seen that the traditional treatments do not cure, but instead only calms the symptoms for a while, as the disease keeps progressing and the medications are not only expensive but they can have horrible side effects.

Our Hospital is one of the few places in the world where patients with migraine, arthritis, lower back pain and facial paralysis could be cured.

About our treatment

When you come here for consult, we do dark field microscopy in which we look for spirochaetes in your blood.

We take away your symptoms and cure your disease with antibiotics, depending on the patient and severity of the problem. We do not use natural or “alternative” medicine, only antibiotics which can be purchased at a pharmacy.

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