Spirochaetes and its relation with Facial Paralysis.
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What is facial paralysis?

Facial paralysis, also called Bell’ s Palsy, is an illness that attacks the nerve that controls the movements in the face. If the nerve is “Paralyzed” then the muscles are not able to move as well. It is a very common condition that occurs every day.

Incidence and causes

Bell’s palsy affects about 30,000 – 40,000 people a year in the United States. As mentioned before, it involves damage to the seventh cranial (facial) nerve. This nerve controls the movement of the muscles of the face. Bell’s palsy is thought to be due to swelling (inflammation) of the nerve in the area where it travels through the bones of the skull.The cause is often not clear. Some of the causes may include: HIV infection, Tumors, Middle ear infection, Sarcoidosis. The most common cause that we have found is caused by lyme disease.

Is there treatment?

Of course, once other causes are ruled out, it can be treated; it can be cured.

Risk factors

Anyone that has been bitten by a mosquito, flea, tick, louse, or you/he/she has had contaminated blood transfusion or you/he/she or through birth.


Frequently, the patient refers that they woke up and opened the door outside and had cold wind in their face as the cause of their symptoms, this is not true, and by pure coincidence the patient associates it to that. The paralysis is frequently on only one single side but I have seen patients with bilateral paralysis.

In some occasions the paralysis not only affects the face, it can also affect the vocal chords which can cause hoarseness and choking on eating, arm weakness and the lung and the abdomen of that same side. It is almost always accompanied by Migraines, arthralgias (joint pain), lumbago (back pain), vertigo, insomnia, chronic fatigue and many other symptoms.


The doctor has to make a Clinical complete History, the facial paralysis is diagnosed seeing the movements of the muscles of the face, but if the doctor suspects another cause like brain , they are had to make exams of Laboratory, Rays X, Magnetic Resonance, Tomografía, Rays X of Skull and all that his doctor decides that he needs. In some occasions he/she is had to make an electromiografía.


In most of the cases the patient is “cured within weeks. “, this is lie, the facial paralysis improves but if he/she is not treated, you/he/she will continue with the some sensation in the face and the other symptoms which is : chronic fatigue, generalized joint pain, Migraines, insomnia, vertigo, etc. Patient will they continue with all these symptoms until the cause is treated. Since we believe that an infection such as lyme disease is the cause, have find that the patient has drastic improvement on antibiotic treatment.


If the patient receives the treatment, there are no complications, but if she doesn’t receive it /you/he/she continued will continue with some paralysis and the other symptoms like Arthritis, Migraine, chronic fatigue, vertigo, Lumbago, insomnia, irritability, etc., will continue as well.

Hospital Mexico Treatment

We have been treating patients with facial paralysis for over 20 years. Not only are they treated for the facial paralysis, but the other symptoms such as migraine and arthritis are cured as well. Treatment is based on 3 to 6 months of antibiotic. In our experience we have seen that if the patient takes her medication as prescribed, she is almost always treated. If they are not given treatment , then the symptoms can persist and become more severe, patient can require eye drops for a long time because the paralysis does not permit the patient to fully close their eye. They paralysis can also become an esthetic problem and cause depression.


There is no definitive prevention for this disease, but in order to prevent symptom severity, or permanent damage patient needs to be treated.

Carla, has suffered 6 years with migraine.

Rene, 4 years with rheumatoid arthritis.

Florina, 3 years with Lupus.

Irene, diagnosed by fibromyalgia.

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Dr. Manuel R. Lazo

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Hi, I am Dr. Manuel Lazo, Hospital Mexico’ s medical director. We have been treating patients for over 20 years, and seen that the traditional treatments do not cure, but instead only calms the symptoms for a while, as the disease keeps progressing and the medications are not only expensive but they can have horrible side effects.

Our Hospital is one of the few places in the world where patients with migraine, arthritis, lower back pain and facial paralysis could be cured.

About our treatment

When you come here for consult, we do dark field microscopy in which we look for spirochaetes in your blood.

We take away your symptoms and cure your disease with antibiotics, depending on the patient and severity of the problem. We do not use natural or “alternative” medicine, only antibiotics which can be purchased at a pharmacy.

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